Wrong Fuel

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Wrong Fuel

Wrong fuel in my car?

Have you put the wrong fuel in your vehicle?
Do not start the engine or turn on the ignition, this can circulate the contaminated fuel around your fuel system and increase the risks of potential damage.
If you’ve done either of the above, call Manchetts  as soon as possible. Time is a critical factor when the wrong fuel is in your vehicle system and it needs removal and flushing through ASAP.

Call Manchetts 24/7 mobile fuel drain service on 01638 744528

What our service does

We will attend you at the scene, then drain the vehicle’s tank and entire fuel system of contaminated fuel. It flushes the system through with clean fuel and supplies an amount of fuel to get the vehicle mobile.

We recycle the contaminated fuel in a safe, approved and environmentally friendly way.

Why choose Manchetts Fuel drain service?

  • We are fully insured and attend you at scene.
  • Our 24hr service can help at any hour.
  • The team use specialist vehicles purpose built and uniquely fitted with custom-manufactured mobile draining equipment.
  • We’re able to tow your vehicle if required.
  • Available for cars, vans, lorries motorcycles, boats, plant machinery and more.

Tel: 01638 744528 – open 24 hours