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All Vehicle Breakdown services in Cambridgeshire Suffolk and Norfolk

1.Instant Quote 

 Call for an instant quote for any vehicle breakdown, accident recovery or vehicle movement. 24 hours call 01638 744528. 

Be assured of our specialist recovery service for car, van, truck, horsebox, caravan, motorhome, bus, coach and or plant breakdown recovery assistance.

We also offer full workshop facilities in Peterborough, Newmarket and Burwell should you need a workshop repair quote. 

Any one of our fleet of over one hundred tracked recovery assistance vehicles can be ready at a moments notice and our skilled control room traffic operatives are on hand to deal with your breakdown solutions 24 hours a day. Our control room is based in Cambridgeshire and ready to take your call with our 24 hr service. Call  (01638 744528) for assistance.


Manchetts Recovery can provide guaranteed lock-out solutions on all makes and models of vehicle as well as mobile fuel drains. We also use state-of-the-art diagnostics including Jaltest Diagnostic equipment and G1 Panasonic equipment, supported by The AA. We have your roadside diagnostics covered.

roadside assistance
Fully equipped service vans. Manchetts
Experienced and qualified technicians

3.Expansive fleet

Our expansive fleet of vehicles provide everything from roadside breakdowns to major multi-vehicle incidents whilst our dynamic fleet replacement programme ensures that we always provide the latest vehicles and equipment. Due to our rural area, we can provide full expertise in 4×4 off-road winching with specialist vehicles in our fleet, such as the accident HIAB’s, ex-military Foden, Mercedes Unimog and  a converted JCB Fast Trac.

Manchetts Recovery

Manchetts Recovery

4.Agricultural Rescue. 

Agricultural Rescue
Manchetts recovery damage free rescue

Specialist bespoke vehicle investment makes Manchetts rescue and recovery the number one solution to provide a reliable cost effective answer to any situation that needs vehicle recovery. We are also experienced in agricultural rescue and have a proven track record of saving thousands of pounds of damage by rescuing farm vehicles stuck in mud, with specialist progressive winching capabilities.

Our  remotely operated Eas Tract vehicle handler,  allows us to safely lift and recover any vehicle that appears stuck, in park, dead locked, keys lost or  stuck within underground/ over ground carparks and within tight precarious spaces. This innovative piece of kit further supports our damage free recovery processes.

ETract Manchetts

5. Location

Manchetts Recovery has  three sites, one along the A10 at Waterbeach, Cambridge CB25 9PG. An area of Cambridgeshire which is logistically excellent in terms of access to the A14 at Milton. This central operational yard provides faster response times.

Two other sites in Bury St Edmunds and Burwell,  allows us to cover Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk. All three of our premises provide secure, state-of-the-art, lit surveillance storage facilities. Therefore we are able to cater for both accident and full SOCO forensic examination to suit the needs of Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk Police Forces.

Manchetts Waterbeach

6.Workshop facilities 

Peterborough Manchetts

Manchetts Commercial workshop

Our group services offer comprehensive car and commercial workshop facilities based in Peterborough and Newmarket. The Manchetts Group are MAN Truck & Bus approved repairers and are based in easy access locations off the main road networks.  Click here to view our other department contact numbers. 

 Call for an instant quote for any vehicle breakdown, accident or movement. Be assured of our experience and equipment.

Tel: 01638 744528 

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