I want to send on my thanks to you and your drivers for the roadside recovery I received on Sunday. I had a puncture on my motorbike. I was riding with my husband on his motorbike. It exceeded all expectations with a short wait and good communication.On the relay both drivers were professional, polite and put me completely at ease. I also did not have to wait long. Please pass on my thanks to your drivers, I would definitely recommend you and your company thanks to them.

Best regards
C. Davis

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to a gentleman called David who works in your, HGV MOT Department.

On recently booking our vehicle in for it’s first HGV MOT I discovered it had no Vehicle Plate or Type Approval something I now know it should of been given by the DVLA and VOSA at the point of manufacture.

This time last week I knew nothing of these requirements and despite speaking to the Renault Dealer we purchased the vehicle from, the DVLA and VOSA I drew a complete blank, until I spoke to David, he very kindly, but unnecessarily rang VOSA for me, he established what we were missing and advised me what I needed to do to move the situation forward. This I did and hey presto!! this morning I have a Plate and Type Approval for our vehicle.

I have spoken to David this morning to re-book the MOT and have expressed my thanks for all his help, I guess I just want to acknowledge his kindness to you as his employer, I think certainly from my point of view it’s really rather unusual these days to find people like David who obviously take a great deal of pleasure and pride in their work.


I felt I had to drop you a line to say a big thank you for the excellent service I enjoyed from Manchett’s recently after the slave cylinder on the clutch failed. Despite the late hour you received the car in from the AA and I was lucky enough to find a courtesy car available. Progress reports were accurate and the work done professionally to the anticipated price. I couldn’t fault the service or ask for better.

T. Rice

I was recently taken into Manchetts by my breakdown people when my van broke down. Everyone was helpful and polite. The lady on the desk called me back everytime she said she would. I was asked for permission before work was done and the parts and the work costs were told to me. I was called when my van was finished and they fixed it overnite. I was also given a loan van to get me home. A+ for Manchetts

S. Booth.

Brilliant Recovery of our horsebox of the A14 and very quick repair within 24hrs at Manchetts workshop! Highly recommended, thanks.


Dear Sir / Madam

I just wanted to thank you for the efficient and professional way your company recovered myself and my Harley Davidson Motorcycle from Brandon to Sheffield today.
After a little confusion from my insurance company which delayed proceedings, driver Tracey arrived within the hour and we were on our way in no time.
Once again thanks again for the first class service.

R. Barr


Job number 8722

I should like to thank your company for the efficient manner in which they dealt with the breakdown of my vehicle yesterday. Richard arrived in less than half an hour of me telephoning my breakdown agent.

This was followed by the cheerful Jen arriving in the breakdown vehicle. She worked with amazing speed and carried out her duties in an exemplary manner. My car is in the hands of my regular garage awaiting identification of the fault.

Please pass on my sincere thanks to all concerned.

Yours sincerely,

J B Thomas

Hello, I would just like to say thank you for your service provided, I was stranded on the A11 and had no cover for breakdown on my insurance, so was pleased to be recommended Manchetts, I was picked up within a very reasonable time frame and for a reasonable price. It’s not a nice thing to be stranded miles from home but Peter (co-ordinator) and stephen (recovery driver) were both calm and professional. If you could pass on my thanks to stephen it would be much appreciated, he’s a credit to your company.
Regards A. Fitzpatrick.

Many thanks for the recovery of my VW Camper. When the truck arrived, the driver was quick, sensible and helpful. He got the van loaded without fuss and we had a good chat on the way home.The recovery lorry was clean and smart Overall a good experience and I am happy to recommend!  Jon.

Manchetts are a local family business which show exceptional courtesy and helpfulness in dealing with clients,particularly over car servicing and repairs nothing is too much trouble and its good value.

I’ve started using Manchetts commercial vehicle department to carry out regular (12 weekly) checks and servicing to a mini bus that we own.AT LAST!!! A company that offers some good old fashioned customer service !!! How rare it is these days ! I would like to say that all concerned were very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and professional this made my whole experience a very positive one . Please pass on my thanks and I look forward to dealing with them and your company for many years

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So, every so often we are tasked with a job that on the face of things looks very simple but then turns in to something very different.

A call was received regarding an army vehicle that had become bogged whilst on an exercise. Details were taken and at the last moment there was a second vehicle mentioned. This second vehicle happened to be a 32 tonne army recovery vehicle.

As the army's recovery mechanics are very skilled and able people alarm bells started ringing and the suspicion grew of this task becoming more complicated than just a simple winch out.

A service van was dispatched to the nearest barracks to meet up with our contact after which we were escorted approx 15 minutes further on to the training area. Middle of nowhere is how to best describe the location. Eight people on site, more than ten mobile phones and not a single bar of signal between us. Great.

After a bit of a walk the two trucks became visible. An assessment of the vehicles, location and the whole situation led to a decision being made. The Foden was going to be the tool for the job. So, another walk followed by a 15 minute drive back to civilisation meant we were able to communicate and put a plan in to action.
The sun was shining, it was a cool, crisp beautiful morning. The kind of day that makes you remember why we do the job we do.
That was until the moment the Foden arrived on scene. It was like he'd towed the bad weather there with him, not good.

The whole plan centred around three key facts.
A: we were probably going to get set.
B:don't get set too far away from the 'self recovery tree' that we can't winch ourselves out.
C: there would probably be a few changes to the plan.
The land we were working on is part of The Brecks. There is no bottom. You deploy the rear spades and they just keep sinking. It's strange stuff. Tufts and grass mounds that feel solid on top of this bottomless land was going to make our lives difficult, we knew that, but then it started to rain. It kept raining for the next 3-4 hours. With a couple of decent flurries of snow chucked in for good measure.
But we set about doing what we do.

The first task was the army's recovery vehicle. It would move by itself but just needed a helping hand to get out.
A single line in a couple of stages had her out and driving on to better ground.
Next was the 4 wheeler. The Foden was positioned in front and slightly off to the right, not as close as we'd have liked but that all important self recovery was in the back of our minds. We moved the four wheeler but it became obvious that the ground around the vehicle was incredibly soft and only getting worse as the rain kept falling.
We decided to venture further backwards with the agreement that the army's recovery truck would winch us out if need be.
Sure enough the Foden began to sink and then sink some more. Now she was stuck. But, there was a contingency plan as I've already mentioned. The army vehicle winched the Foden forward. Then the Foden winched the four wheeler some more and so on and so on.
The Foden was then detached from everything, the army's truck continued winching the four wheeler to hard ground. He then came back for us. All was going well and all of the vehicles were gradually getting closer to our way out but the rain had really saturated the ground by now.
The army's vehicle became bogged along with the Foden. No dramas, remember that self recovery tree?
Unfortunately our plan was scuppered. The front winch on the army's truck wouldn't work properly. Even after we'd attempted to make it work in every way possible it was a no go.
Now we were up a certain creek and completely out of paddles.
No chance of self recovering either vehicle, even after using each one to try and manoeuvre the other to better ground. At this point we were frozen cold, soaking wet and frustrated that the plan had fallen apart due to a mechanical failure that none of us had control over.

There was only one thing for it. That walk back to the van, that drive back to civilisation and phone signal to break the news that we needed another winching vehicle.
We're lucky to have the equipment we've got, not many people have multiple off road vehicles capable of doing what we were tasked with.
The Unimog was deployed and arrived about an hour later. The drive was made back to the vehicles, again.
Another plan was formulated and spirits were lifted as the rain had stopped. We were also provided with dinner plated up by the chefs back on the camp, hot food has never been so appreciated I can assure you.

So it was back to work and the weight of the world rested on the little but mighty unimog's shoulders.
We rigged to the army's recovery vehicle and pulled it approx 100 yards, stopped and then used his rear winch to pull the Foden forward. This was repeated until both of the heavier vehicles were able to be manoeuvred out and away from the wet ground. They were sent away as the ground was now too soft to support them.
The Unimog was then used to winch the four wheeler out. The ground had become so wet and the tyres so clogged that it couldn't drive though. This is where the Unimog comes in to its own, she's an unstoppable little beast and managed to pull itself and the four wheeler up the hill to safety. It never fails to impress.

With all of the vehicles out it was time to get back to the warm and dry after briefly checking everything over and ensuring there was no damage. It was a pleasure to be able to work with the army and see how their kit performs. However, at the end of the day it was the Foden and the Unimog bringing smiles to their faces and left them all thoroughly impressed.
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Diversity & efficiency 😎 ... See MoreSee Less

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