Tacho Repair Calibrations Retrofit

Tacho Repair Calibrations Retrofit

Tachograph calibration

All passenger and good vehicles require a tachograph under EU rules. We are VOSA approved and posses a lot of experience in inspecting and maintaining tachographs. Therefore we are able to give you the correct advice you require. Our team is able to supply and fit analogue tachographs, and provide calibration and repair on site.

Complete tachograph services, such as:

  • Digital tachographs
  • Analogue tachographs
  • Tachograph calibratio, repairs and cards

Need a speed limiter? At the Calibration Centre we can also offer tacho repair calibrations retrofit, test and repair speed limiters. Our tacho repair calibrations retrofit allows you to ensure your compliance analysis software is calibrated correctly through an authorised tachograph centre.

Tel: 01638 661113

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