Specialist vehicle movement.


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Watch the video below to see how easy we make moving a vehicle in a tight inaccessible position.

specialist vehicle movement
Specialist vehicle movement without having to touch the interior of the vehicle, keys not needed. The system slips underneath the vehicle and lifts it without traction effect, securely and damage free.
Call Manchetts’ specialist team to discuss your vehicle movement requirements – and be assured of an effective and efficient solution.
The 24-hour control centre can be reached on 01638 744528.

EasTract makes it easy to move vehicles in all kinds of situations.

Got a vehicle you can’t move because of gearbox or brake issues? Lost your keys? Had your wheels stolen, or your car burned out?

This equipment is designed to go just about anywhere. From an underground
car park to a small courtyard, and from a muddy field to a snowy lane, this machine can get places that a truck wouldn’t, thanks to its size.

Using EasTract, Manchetts can uplift your vehicle, move it to a designated location and offload it without the need to touch or enter the vehicle.

The EasTract is a tow truck which has caterpillars controlled by a radio-control command. It is halfway between a forklift truck and a tow truck.

It is able to remove all types of vehicles, gently and without any technical constraints.