Manchetts Group Holdings Expands its Reach with Acquisition of New HGV Workshops

Manchetts Group New HGV Workshops Sleaford
Pete Williams Manchetts, Jerrone Mitchell MAN, Eva Evans Man, Robert Manchett Director, Aaron Woods Operations Manager Sleaford.  Photo Courtesey Colin Bass Photography.


Manchetts Group Holdings Ltd, a leading vehicle service, repair, and roadside recovery enterprise, has announced its latest milestone in expansion with the acquisition of new HGV workshops, previously MAN Sleaford. This strategic move further solidifies Manchetts’ position as a top player in the industry.

As a respected family-run business and a Cambridgeshire top 100 company, Manchetts Group has experienced remarkable growth since its inception. Starting as a single site operation, the company has expanded its presence across Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, and Lincolnshire. The acquisition of the new HGV workshops marks their second venture into Lincolnshire and is a significant step towards expanding along the thriving A1 corridor. This comes on the heels of their successful acquisition of a Peterborough site in 2020.

While Manchetts Group has already set high standards for customer satisfaction with their award-winning MAN branded workshops in Peterborough, Spalding, and Newmarket, the company’s commitment to “Everything Automotive” extends to servicing all types of HGV and LCV brands. With a proactive and problem-solving approach, backed by strong technical expertise and a positive attitude, Manchetts Group always strives to minimize customer downtime.

With a rich history dating back to 1961 in Burwell, Manchetts Group prides itself on delivering a personalized level of service and building strong customer relationships. The iconic yellow and green vehicle recovery trucks have become a familiar sight on the A14 and A1, and now, with the addition of the new workshop in Sleaford, HGV owners and drivers in the area will benefit from enhanced support.

Group Director Robert Manchett, along with Peterborough lead Peter Bradshaw and Newmarket lead Pete Williams, warmly welcomed Sleaford lead Aaron Woods and his team on February 1st. The integration of the new workshop is expected to further strengthen Manchetts Group’s capabilities and provide an even better experience for their valued customers.

Manchetts Group invites both existing and new customers, as well as visitors, to explore their facilities. The company extends an open invitation for site visits and encourages individuals to contact them for further information and images.

About Manchetts Group Holdings Ltd:

Manchetts Group Holdings Ltd is a leading vehicle service, repair, and roadside recovery enterprise based in Cambridgeshire, UK. With multiple locations across Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, and Lincolnshire, the company offers top-notch services for HGV and LCV brands, backed by a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and technical expertise.